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Upgrading from version 1.7 to 2.0

As always, please ensure you backup your database and website directory before upgrading.

Delete the Assets and Views folders

Zap them, zap them hard before upgrading, as they contain items that will clash with ones needed by version 2.

Configuration files

The configuration files have changed in version 2.0 so that the <roadkill..>and <connectionStrings> sections of your web.config are now stored in separate files.

  • You should copy the <roadkill..> section into the "roadkill.config" file.
  • You should copy the <connectionStrings> section into the "connectionStrings.config" file.

Once this is done, copy and replace the web.config file with the new version 2.0 web.config


If you have customised this file, it is worth noting the following class names have changed:

  • "alert" on its own should be "alert-warning"
  • "alert-error" is now "alert-danger"

If you haven't customised this file, then you should download the full Roadkill installation zip file and copy the App_Data/customvariables.xml file over the top of your existing file.


If you customised the themes in 1.7, you may find they no longer render properly (showing an error page instead). A number of the extension methods are obselete and have been removed, in favour of using Partials instead. To help you upgrade, you should look at the new Responsive theme for replacing these calls.

The CSS framework has also been upgraded to use Twitter Bootstrap 3.0. If you extensively customised your theme, there is a chance it won't display properly in the browser anymore. Once again the best way to help you upgrade the theme is look at the new Responsive theme for examples of the new Bootstrap 3 class names.

Syntax highlighter, Table of Contents and Mathjax

These are now plugins version 2.0, that come as part of the core Roadkill DLLs. You will need to enable the plugins inside the admin settings menu.